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الرئيسية 9 التخطيط للتقاعد 9 التخطيط للتقاعد

الأبحاث التي أجراها مركز أبحاث التقاعد في كلية بوسطنأظهرت أن ما يقرب من 35 ٪ (من مواليد 1948 – 1954) لن يحصلوا على دخل تقاعدي كاف.

تزداد هذه النسبة لتصل إلى 44٪ تقريبًا لمواليد (1955 – 1964)، ثم ترتفع إلى 48٪ للجيل (من مواليد 1965 – 1974)

مع العلم أن هذه الأرقام، التي سبق ذكرها، ستتأثر مباشرةً بالعديد من المتغيرات مثل ؛

  • The rising concerns regarding the Social Security income and Medicare systems
  • The rising cost of health care annually.
  • The market volatility which has direct impact on many of the retirement products and strategies which many counts on.
  • The uncertainties of life which may force many people to drain their retirement savings prematurely. That In many cases may result in heavy penalties and tax liabilities.

Many of the families and the clients we have helped have منتجات such as; 401k, IRA, SEP IRA, Saving Accounts, CDs, Investment accounts or Real estate investments. But very few have a خطة to ensure they will achieve their retirement goals as for Retirement Age and Desired Retirement Income.

No One Plans To Fail But They Fail To Plan.

بعد تثقيفك كيف يعمل التقاعد

Our MoneyDr will assess where you stand financially, your desired retirement goals, review your current retirement products (if any) and then build a retirement roadmap which is customized specifically for you.

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