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After assessing your financial situation and assessing your insurable need;
We present to you a protection plan through many of the insurance companies which we represent. Our goal is to provide you with the proper insurance coverage.
Proper Insurance coverage will;

  1. Provide Fulfillment of all your short-term and long-term financial liabilities in the event of death so your loved ones may live. (you don’t purchase life insurance because you may die, but because those whom you love will live)
  2. Provide Income replacement in the event of Major Medical Illnesses when you become critically or terminally ill. Through a broad range of Accelerated Death benefits riders aka Living benefits, you can accelerate a portion of your life insurance policy amount while you still alive.
  3. Provide Asset Protection: a proper life insurance policy can play a fundamental rule in protecting all your assets such as real-estate properties, business operation, retirement plans and more.

We utilize different insurance types & different insurance companies in your protection plan to Fit your budget

Here is an example of some of the Insurance companies which we represent