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Business owners are faced with fixed expenses some of which are mandate by either State or Federal law such as: Workers Comp, General Liability Insurance, bookkeeping and tax liabilities.
As a business owner, you have very limited time to put a side, to analyze your business operation, the efficiency of your spending and your tax liabilities.
We have carefully assembled a team of selected professionals to service this select group of our clients, business owners. We have taken on the task of ensuring that they receive a timely-efficient and hassle-free VIP service from those Independent professionals.

Line of Available Services

Tax and Book-keeping servicesby Tax-Experts- Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and their firms.
Commercial Insurance: Workers comp insurance, Business Owner Policy (BOP), Professional Liability Insurance; quotes are done through an experienced insurance broker/agency. Get the highest quality service for minimal to no fees, they shop around for you.
Business Banking: If you are looking into expanding your business or refinance an existing high interest business obligation, we connect you with our trusted allies of business Lenders for free advice and solutions.
Group Health Insurance.
Group Life Insurance.
Estate Planning Legal services.

Schedule a meeting for a free Business Financial Health Analysis.

We will review and assess all the aforementioned services and recommend which area/areas you may need help with.
Your assigned MoneyDr will also recommend a proper retirement plan structure based on the size of your business and tax portfolio. Retirement plans which may be recommended;

  • 401k, IRA, SEP IRA,
  • Define Benefit Plans, Profit Sharing Plans…etc.
  • Simplified employee pension

Your Assigned MoneyDr will work with your current professional, such as your CPA, or connect you with the proper professional when needed.

 Our Goal is to Increase Your Business Profitability through Tax-Efficiency and Expenses’ Reduction and Protect Your Business by a Customized Business Succession Plan.


 DISCLAIMER! The MoneyDrs don’t charge fees for this service, but some of the professionals involved may do. There are no obligations in the process and any fees will be disclosed prior to any binding agreements or contracts. Money Drs host those services as an added value to our clients at no additional cost as a one- stop-shop CFO-like service. All the involved professionals are properly licensed in the area in which they service you. Money Drs may not be licensed in some of the services offered and they will bring in the proper professional to service you when needed at no additional cost to you.