Our Story

What Do You Mean?

We understand that stress can be of great impact on people’s lives. We believe that money can be a stressing subject to many. Our MoneyDrs listen to you, check your financial health and prescribe you the financial remedies so you can live a stress-free life.

At MoneyDrs Financial & Insurance Solutions. Inc.

  • We Educate families and business owners on the basic concepts of money including accumulation and taxation.
  • We Conduct a detailed financial evaluation for clients’ financial circumstances and concerns to match them with appropriate products to fit their needs.
  • We Provide our clients with comprehensive customized strategies which help them achieve their financial goals.

We always maintain friendly and professional customer interactions

At MoneyDrs Financial & Insurance Solutions. Inc.

The MoneyDrs’ social media channels have facilitated the outreach to thousands nationwide to educate & assist in exploring various investment options, through our professionals and partners, our Firm provides a One-Stop-Shop for all your personal and business financial including: 

  • Retirement & Investment Planning.
  • Business Planning Packages (Retirement Plans, Tax Services, Commercial/workers compensation insurance, Health Insurance & Business Lending).
  • Customized Life Insurance Plans.


The only one who can best advise you, is the one who can relate to your financial concerns and goals. With years of experience along with limitless support from many of the largest financial institutions globally, we are committed to only do what is best for you. Where do you stand financially and to where are you headed? No One Plans to Fail, they fail to plan We understand you work hard for your money and we know that this is not enough. With the continuously rising healthcare costs, changing tax-laws and every day’s life uncertainties, planning your financial future can be very complex. We Make It Simple for you.

John Solyman CRPC®, NSSA®, Our Founder’s Statement

As many have before me, when I entered the medical profession, I made a commitment to live my life in the service of humanity. I listened to my patients, helped identify the root cause of their illnesses and worked on a holistic plan to put them on the path to an abundance of health.

I have received no greater reward over the course of my career than to play a part in an often dramatic change in the quality of my patients’ lives. What I’ve done for many years for my patients I now do for my clients.

As a physician, I experienced firsthand the impact financial challenges had on my patients’ health.

There was a direct correlation between my patient’s ill health and financial stress. While I was able to help ease may of my patients’ symptoms, it is now that I am able to address the root of the problem.

Today, I give my clients the same attention my patients enjoyed. I don’t want to just talk about your financial situation, I want to talk about your hopes and your dreams. I want to understand where you’ve come from, what your values are, where you are headed and how I can help you get there. Based on the principles of vision, faith, and morals, I have committed myself to the following financial creed:

  • I will not dictate to you, I will listen to you.
  • I will not hide information from you, I will educate you.
  • I will not sell to you, I will consult with you.
  • I will not advise you based on my financial gain, I will advise you based on yours.

Today, I live by this creed and remain committed to being in the service of humanity, once as a People Doctor and now as Your MoneyDr.

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